ТМ “Olli” margarine is a great find for home baking. The range includes two products: “Original” and “Classic”.
“Original” margarine is ideal for popular European baking puff pastry, including home-made croissants. The unique recipe of “Original” margarine makes the dough homogeneous and plastic and saves its properties even after freezing.
“Classic” margarine is essential for cakes, yeast-containing dough and short crust pastry. It makes home-made buns and cakes fluff and delicate.
Both margarines increase the shelf life of the finished pastry, help to preserve its freshness and keep it from becoming stale for a long time.

marg_tv_classic marg_tv_original



Fat 72% 80%
Shelf life 160 days 180 days
Package briquette, 0, 25 kg briquette, 0, 25 kg