About us

“Olli” TM is a generosity of Ukrainian soul, richness of the earth, tender warmth of sunrays, and the best traditions of national cuisine, combined with European production approach, exclusive recipes, and high quality standards.

“Olli” TM offers the most popular flavors of mayonnaise, ketchup and margarine. For years, the best engineers all over the world have been studying the tastes of Europeans. Their work resulted in the birth of natural egg yolks-based mayonnaise, ketchup from sun-ripened tomatoes and liquid margarines based on exclusive recipes.

The range of flavors will ensure that even the most demanding customer can find his or her favorite mayonnaise, ketchup, and margarine among the “Olli” TM products. A new brand has solutions for those who prefer original flavors or classic taste and even for those who try to constantly be in shape and control his or her meals. Rich taste, natural ingredients, and high quality achieved due to the latest technology and strict quality control will impress even the most “feather-bedded” gourmet.

“Olli” TM start its way towards to a consumer’s heart on October 10, 2015 on a Europe’s largest food exhibition, Anuga (Cologne, Germany).